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Hi Jasmine. There are 3 types of owl living in Ireland.
The Long Eared Owl, Short Eared Owl and the Barn Owl.

Hi Christine. The largest owl is the Eurasian Eagle Owl

Hi Charlene. A few different organisations have a few different thoughts on this.
The most common answer is 244 species of owl in the world.


Hi Elaine, This would be an Elf Owl.
The Elf Owl is a tiny, short-tailed owl with a round head and no ear-tufts. It was originally known as Whitney's Owl. Local names include Texas Elf Owl and Dwarf Owl. The species name "whitneyi" is a Latinised word formed from the last name of Josiah Dwight Whitney (1819-1896), a prominent American geologist.

Hi Johnathon, I have to say I love them all
I do think The Forest Eagle is very pretty.

There are between 216 and 268 depending on who you ask.
I would like to think that there is 268 as according to "Owls of the World" by Helmo Mikkola