What Woo Do

The primary aim of the “World of Owls” is to ensure the survival of owls throughout the world 

This objective will be achieved by rescue, conservation, education, research and restoration of their natural habitat.

World of Owls is a registered charity NIC100938 

“World of Owls” brings people, young and old, from all sections of the community and across the world to a beautiful location where they can be shown the need for conservation by one of nature’s most wonderful creatures. The education program of the “World of Owls” is designed to facilitate the National Curriculum’s key stages in order to help Northern Ireland’s younger generation learn about a range of topics including environmental and ecological issues.


  • Northern Irelands Premier Owl, Bird of Prey and Exotic Animal Conservation Centre
  • Working to benefit education and conservation for Northern Ireland
  • Dedicated and fully trained voluntary staff
  • World of Owls is open within the beautiful Randalstown Forest.

Randalstown Forest

The primary objectives of the “World of Owls” are to insure the survival of the world’s owls. This will run hand in hand with conservation, education, research and restoration of the wild habitat the owls need.

We aim to have a visitor centre that can be enjoyed by every section of the community. The “World of Owls” centre is wheelchair accessible. Staff are trained in all aspects of working with the public including special needs training.

The “World of Owls” at Randalstown Forest has a range of facilities that enables it to be a visitor destination for a full or half day visit. There is an indoor and outdoor display area, shop, small café, outdoor displays, walks, play area and services.

The “World of Owls” is also benefiting province wide community groups by providing job skills training to a number of different welfare, and community based organisations.

We facilitate different schemes in many different categories in which individuals can learn skills to help aid them gain long-term employment.

We work with Jobs & Benefits, schools, colleges, universities, disability groups in providing work experience placements and training.

World of Owls is the only provider in Ireland of the Raptor Award’s Certificates in “Falconry”.



  • PARTNERS Gary Grattan, Belfast Telegragh