School and Educational Visits


Based in Northern Ireland but can arrange visits to all of Ireland

World of Owls has the highest amount of animal educational visits in the UK, book early to avoid disappointment.

World of Owls are educational award winners, we work within many of the curriculum Key Stage topics and visit many varied facilities: All schools, crèches, day care, Pre-School, church groups, hospitals, Special Schools, Prisons, Youth Offender Centres, the list is endless.

No one at World of Owls is paid, there are NO wages all proceeds after costs go to the animals in our care.

We do have fees to cover large running costs: Insurance, Fuel, Vehicle running costs, PL Insurance, licensing, registrations and also try and make a little over for the animals in our care.

Our sessions can be catered around most needs and times.

We bring a selection of animals and do a little talk (aimed to the students ability) on each one.


We can offer you many school/organisation names if you would like a reference.

We are:

  • E.A. endorsed and approved
  • Educational Award Winners
  • The most popular animal educational organisation in NI
  • Largest collection of owls in UK & Ireland
  • Rarest Collection of owls in UK & Ireland
  • Fully Licensed
  • Fully Insured
  • Access NI Vetted
  • Qualified Teachers
  • A Registered Charity
  • A Licensed Zoo
  • Covers many aspects of the KS Curriculum
  • Talks are catered all ages and abilities

And most importantly, very good fun!

Please email for any more info you may require about an outreach visit:


WARNING: There are others that claim to do similar, not charitable and not all legal. Be wary of whom you let into your premises (especially with animals that could potentially cause injury). A complete list of registered legal animal educators can be obtained from The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) wildlife team
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