Teacher says!

This is a section of testimonials from teachers I have met over the past 15 to 20 years; and as some of them suggest, over this period we have became friends. Its hard not to seeing them every year.

We will be as honest as you believe in this section but World of Owls has never received one complaint.


In the time that I have known Mike Gibb in my professional capacity as a teacher and as a personal friend, he has always shown the highest care and attention for the education, welfare and future wellbeing of the animals in his care.


In each school I have taught at I have eagerly sought Mike’s expertise and enthusiasm by inviting him to teach the pupils about owls and animals from around the world. Each and every time I have seen Mike’s talk in schools, he delivers a phenomenal unforgettable experience for pupils and staff alike. He has this astute ability to differentiate his questioning, encourage broad minded thinking and leaves his mark on the memories of pupils in schools all over Northern Ireland.


His lifetime experience as a teacher is evident in his ability to relate to pupils of all ages, ethnicities and educational backgrounds. Furthermore his passion to ignite the fire of children’s enthusiasm for wildlife care is honourable, ambitious and certainly one to be admired.


To say Mike is a pioneer in his field is an understatement. He has had to fight a daily battle to establish The World of Owls centre, however he is always looking to the future and creative ways to raise funds. As a friend of Mike I feel honoured to know him, proud of the work he and his staff do and hope that his selfless lifelong work leaves a mark on the hearts of anyone lucky enough to have met him.




Mrs Noeleen Adams (KS 1 Teacher North Down)