Nepal Owl Festival

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World of Owls supports The Nepal Owl Festival headed up by Raju Acharya from Friends of Nature.

The Nepal Owl Festival, a significant conservation event held annually since 2012, is organized by Friends of Nature in collaboration with local partners. This festival, among the largest of its kind in the country, aims to raise awareness about the importance of owls, counter the threats they face from illegal activities, and promote wildlife respect. In 2024, the festival targets educating 2000 students and engaging 6000 guests, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and contributing to eco-tourism in a new region. Rotating to different districts each year, the festival showcases local traditions, including dance, games, food, and attire. Participants range from diverse backgrounds, including children, adults, local families, volunteers, international delegates, political leaders, teachers, community groups, youth clubs, and journalists. Since its inception, the Nepal Owl Festival has evolved into a pivotal platform for learning and sharing insights on wildlife conservation in the country.

Where will the fund be used?

The funds raised will be allocated for various purposes, including mobilizing volunteers, covering transportation costs, establishing a temporary owl museum, presenting research posters, organizing press meetings, awarding conservation efforts, sponsoring prizes for indigenous games and cultural events, supporting school-based competitions, and facilitating owl conservation camps, among other initiatives.


  1. To discourage the hunting and trade of owls in Nepal, by elevating the awareness of local people, organisations, media and political leaders.
  2. To enhance the local capacity for bird conservation via ‘Owl Conservation Camps’ at local schools and with Community Forest User Groups.
  3. To appreciate and honour the efforts of Nepal’s and nearby countries’ conservationists, especially those working on owls.
  4. To promote ecotourism potential to the area through hosting many visitors and showcasing the local wildlife and traditional culture.