Quay Bikers MCC

Quay Bikers MCC NI

World of Owls are so pleased that The Quay Bikers Motorcycle Club are to help support us in some fund raising and raising awareness for the work of our charity.

MCC’s selflessly raise a lot of money for charities and the amazing work that they do is very much appreciated. No-one realizes the hard work and effort that goes into these projects. Thank you Quay Bikers. We will dedicate this page and update it regularly with club information.

The club, established in December 2014, is made up of a welcome mix of new and experienced bikers, with some of the current members already actively involved with the local biking scenes for many years.

The Quay Bikers Motor Cycle Club’s purpose is to bring together likeminded motorbike riders and other friends and family to engage in social outings such as ride-outs, road trips, charity events, longer touring trips, racing and road racing, social week-ends, and any other events that attracts the membership for whatever reason.

In addition to the above, the Club’s members have been actively participating in the generation of funds for charity and this work will continue. Quay Biker MCC members also look forward to supporting local clubs in their similar activities.