White Faced Scops Owl

Southern White Faced Scops Owl

Ptilopsis granti

The White-faced Scops Owl occurs in savannah country from the scrub desert fringes of the Sahara to the arid south western coastal region of Africa.

In common with other small owls, the White-faced Scops Owl is largely insectivorous, although it will take small birds and small rodents and other mammals.

The Scops Owls are related to the American Screech Owls, and this is reflected in their calls – an extended trilling sound.

Status and behaviour in the wild
The White Faced Scops Owl is fully nocturnal and mostly insectivorous. It is a bird of scrub and bush territory, and often uses ground nest sites for breeding
The genus Otus can largely be divided into two types of owls, the Screech Owls of the New World, and the Scops of the Old World.
There are about 40 different owls in the group spread right across the globe. Most of the Otus owls are inhabitants of tropical regions.

What was once called the White-faced Scops Owl Otus leucotis has recently had a taxonomic revision. There are now two types recognized: the Southern White-faced Owl Ptilopsis granti and the Northern White-faced Owl Ptilopsis leucotis.