Our Apologies

Our apologies: Our centre is going through some much needed repairs but it is going slower than we expected. The pandemic cleaned out our bank account and we got no funding or help from the government. Our money had to go to the necessary bills and the onset of brexit seen our food costs jump

Long grass at our centre

Long grass: Visitors to our centre this time of year will notice that our aviaries have long grass. This is not laziness on our part, this time of year we have birds down on eggs within their aviaries. We do not want to disturb this and scare the birds with noisy strimmer’s that they get

Ukrainian Zoo Animal Crisis

There are around 18 operational zoological parks in Ukraine all now beginning to feel the bite of the invasion. Kyiv Zoo is just one of the zoo’s in crisis amid the Russian advance toward the capital, but zoo keepers have no plans to evacuate animals. The zoo accommodates 4,000 animals, including elephants, camels and gorillas

2019 Barn Owl Report

Here is a link to the Ulster Wildlife Barn Owl Report Click Here